Individual Volunteer


Volunteers make a difference in the lives of all the families that come through our doors – cooking, hosting, listening, nurturing, or simply being there and helping out in any way they can.

We want to support more children through their recovery, give more families a comfortable place to stay during a difficult time, and offer medical services to more children who are without.

But we can’t do it without you, so we’re asking you to get involved. There are so many ways for you to join us in our mission dedicated to providing stability and vital resources to children in need.


When a family arrives at Ronald McDonald House they are often afraid of what’s to come, nervous about staying in a strange place, and exhausted from traveling or a long day at the hospital. We strive to ensure they feel safe and comfortable as we welcome them to our home. Many times they arrive with only the clothes on their back or have forgotten some of the basic items that you use every day in their rush to get here.

This is why “Family Welcome Bags” is so needed. It is our hope to be able to give each family a “Welcome Bag” when they arrive. Hopefully receiving one will put a smile on their faces and help alleviate some of the stress they are feeling.


When families stay at the Ronald McDonald House of SNJ they normally have to go to the hospital EVERY DAY. Many hours are spent with families visiting their child in the hospital, waiting for appointments, or having procedures done. While the hospital will provide food for the patient – many times the parents & siblings go without.

This is why “Snack Packs” are necessary. We hope to be able to give each family member a snack pack before they leave the house in the morning. This ensures that families are getting some healthy snacks while spending a fortune in vending machines.

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