Teen Advisory Council

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Teen Advisory Council


This is a group of dedicated, driven students focused on coming together to help reduce the stress of families who have critically ill and injured children. We are looking for students in grades 9th-12th to be selected to serve for a minimum of one year on this council after submitting a written application, followed by an interview process. This Council will organize social events at Ronald McDonald House for the families and may also be asked to help with other opportunities to raise awareness of the charity’s mission.


Being a member of the group will allow you various life-learning and leadership opportunities, such as how to reach consensus within a group and the logistical, as well as financial, components of event planning. In addition, this Council will provide a chance for you to meet new peers who share the same desire to be leaders in their communities.
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Teen Advisory Council Membership Application

  • Name & Address
  • Questionnaire
  • Responsibilities

Name & Address


Limit: 200 words each

Please list and explain your personal interests, talents and hobbies. Please also elaborate on any organizations, clubs, or other volunteer jobs in which you are involved.

What previous leadership positions have you held, and how would you integrate them with the TAC?

Our annual fundraiser is a bowling fundraiser called “Spare Some Love.” Each year we have council members sell tickets. How would you plan on selling tickets? Please be specific.

What attracted you to want to become a member of the Teen Advisory Council? What talents and interests can you share with TAC members?

Explain how you work effectively as an individual and as part of a team.

The TAC members are required to obtain either raffle prizes or sponsorships for our annual bowling fundraiser, “Spare Some Love.” Do you feel comfortable asking local businesses for a financial sponsorship?


1. Actively participate in meetings and arrive on time!

2. Stay up to date on all TAC e-mails and newsletters

3. Participate in in-house activities/cooking a meal for parents and children at the House.

4. Implement a fundraiser in your high school to increase awareness.

5. Volunteer at Ronald McDonald House SNJ events.

6. Attend Spare Some Love and complete all the requirements, which include selling tickets, getting sponsors and completing committee tasks.

7. Be prompt and meet all deadlines given.

8. Be respectful and work cooperatively with your fellow council members.

9. Attend all meetings held one Sunday a Month from 2:00-3:00 pm at the House.

postponed indefinitely

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For more information please contact:


Event & Volunteer Manager


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