Adopt a Room


Adopt a Room

  • When You Adopt A Room, Hope Lives Here

Families drop everything when their child becomes seriously ill or injured – with treatment at medical centers far from home lasting days, weeks, or even months.

When you become an Adopt-a-Room partner, you give a sick child what they need most: their family close by their side in a safe, warm, comfortable home away from home, free of charge.

“Our nearly 11-month stay at RMHSNJ has turned out to be the greatest blessing that our family has received, not only for financial reasons but also for our ongoing happiness. We have watched our daughter thrive in an environment in which he is just like any other child. This has been such a loving environment where we are treated like family.” -Abi’s mom, Deysi

Your gift helps to offset the $100 per night cost of operating a guest room and includes these benefits:

    • Personalized in-room donor recognition plaque and duplicate recognition plaque for home, office, or business
    • First right of renewal
    • Adopt-a-Room website recognition with an optional link to the corporate site
    • Social media shout out
    • Personalized ribbon cutting & reception
    • Personalized House tour to see gift impact on families in need

For more information please contact:


Grants & Development Coordinator

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