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Finn was born on 1/2/15. At his 19-week anatomy scan when I was pregnant, we found out he had severe heart disease. He spent the majority of the first year of his life in a hospital in Virginia enduring 10 surgeries including one open-heart surgery. After he was able to come home, we looked all over the country for a second opinion and a better chance at life for Finn. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia blew us away. He had his second open heart surgery and 14th procedure at CHOP on 9/14/17. This time though, Finn was home in just one week and his repair was done in just 37 minutes! Now that Finn is well from a cardiac standpoint, we are focusing on repairing his other anatomical challenges so he will go in for another GI surgery in the upcoming months.

Throughout all of our stays, be it a surgery or appointment, the Ronald McDonald House has been critical in our healing. Us parents go through a lot too and the House provides a peaceful, home-like environment where we are surrounded by the most amazing families walking the same walk as we are. Having that type of support and community is indescribable. Having a place for Finn’s brother, Mason, to come to and feel safe and comforted is equally as important. We are totally spoiled here at a time where we really need it with home-cooked meals, activity nights, game nights, a playground and toy room, super comfy bed, laundry, you name it! Without the generous donations of friends, families, and strangers and the volunteer hours of the community, we wouldn’t have this incredible and necessary place to call a home away from home.

There are so many ways to help the Ronald McDonald House in multiple capacities, and as a family who stays here, we are committed to now doing our part to give back by spreading awareness about the house and encouraging others to join in the spirit of giving and helping others! Finns physical healing is so important, but his emotional healing and stability as well as our families is equally as critical along this journey. Thank you Ronald McDonald House for providing everything that we need and more during the time we need it the most.

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